Self fulfilling Prophecy

This morning I started completing a job application for a job that my skills, knowledge and experience fit me for exactly. Then I went with Alan to collect the caravan from the mechanic who was ‘fixing’ the brakes. We left $1200 lighter carrying a large cardboard box with all the bits that had to be replaced. It seems that inadequate installation a year ago brought about this current situation! As with marketing, travelling is not something to be ‘given away’, to use the Aussie vernacular. To give something away means to stop doing it not to part with it as in donate or pass on… With marketing if one wanted to give it away one would have to dispose of the stock and to sell it more easily one needs a decent display so one adds a little… So the cycle is hard to break, as with travelling we have now invested more than we paid for the caravan – not only on the brakes – so to get value from our investment we will have to keep on travelling. I might have to toss the job application into a metaphorical bin!


About retrocentricaussie

We are a pair of ageing 'gypsies' who find junk and sell antiques, especially objects from the art nouveau/art deco years and old and well-loved tools. We also occasionally buy antiques as well!! We haunt clearance sales, garage sales, charity shops and sometimes dumps. Lately we have even been to a 'proper' auction. The thrill is in the chase for good stuff at prices we can afford and still sell the items on at a profit sufficient to support us. We recycle what other people don't want anymore, we find new homes for nice things. We sell at markets and antique fairs, swap meets and wherever else we can find. Our clientele are mostly ordinary people who want something they can afford that will enhance their quality of life. We are especially pleased when generation Y buy from us. It suggests that appreciation of quality and good design is still part of our modern aesthetic.
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  1. says:

    Hi – just a comment – not heard the expression – ‘give it away’ meaning stop doing it. I think the expression is to ‘give it up’. I’m sure it is a long time expression that originates from England, and not part of the OZ vernacular but one adopted and still used in the UK..

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