Walkabout 35 – Writing in a different space

I feel as if I have stepped into a Tom Roberts painting – surrounded by beautiful gums, stripy pastel colour trunks, home to cockatoos and corellas and a couple of crows not to mention the cicadas – trying to decide if it is cicadas or tinnitus! We left Bendigo after our world had changed completely. We had expected to go from there to a home in Melbourne to clear out a workshop and leave with lots of good stuff for us to sell –– turned out that our expectations were very different- a classic case of too many cooks so we decided not to go there, then rang Adelaide where we had agreed on a handshake to clear out a shed full of tools and stuff to be told that the siblings had intervened and that was not going to happen. So from having a full agenda for two weeks we had no agenda. The difference is in how we reacted to what should have felt like disappointments – but it was more like relief. Very hot days and unrelenting physical work made for an challenging prospect.

So here we are beside the mighty Murray River parked off and peaceful. We stopped at the Bendigo Pottery which gave me a weepy lump in my throat. Found I needed to remember our Swaziland days and talk about them in all their detail, I am going to have to write some sort of memoir I think. (I have written in more detail about this visit and if you want to know more ask me and I will send it on to you.)

What has struck me forcibly in this neck of the woods (Victoria and South Australia) is the plenitude of elderly and well preserved houses in the towns and cities. Early gold mining prosperity shows in the lovely buildings… Houses as well as shops and civic buildings in the towns are still there in pretty good nick. I am hopeful that the next weeks will be conducted at a more leisurely pace and will allow me to take more pictures and remember what they are. Also to write down more info about the places. We seem to whistle through them so quickly at the moment. And when we are not ‘whistling’ through we are taking much needed rest time, doing very little. Long may that last as I sally forth naked for another ‘dip’ in the Murray … Not too characteristic of me to be tamely ‘dipping’ into the water but the current is swift, the floor slippery and uneven and the submerged trees plentiful! All a scary combination so the little submerges are fine for now and very refreshing!


About retrocentricaussie

We are a pair of ageing 'gypsies' who find junk and sell antiques, especially objects from the art nouveau/art deco years and old and well-loved tools. We also occasionally buy antiques as well!! We haunt clearance sales, garage sales, charity shops and sometimes dumps. Lately we have even been to a 'proper' auction. The thrill is in the chase for good stuff at prices we can afford and still sell the items on at a profit sufficient to support us. We recycle what other people don't want anymore, we find new homes for nice things. We sell at markets and antique fairs, swap meets and wherever else we can find. Our clientele are mostly ordinary people who want something they can afford that will enhance their quality of life. We are especially pleased when generation Y buy from us. It suggests that appreciation of quality and good design is still part of our modern aesthetic.
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One Response to Walkabout 35 – Writing in a different space

  1. angela lownie says:

    Thanks for this evocative piece. So sorry to hear of the misunderstandings! Good that you are getting som positives all the same. Thinking of you as I prepare to go to Sydney. Please let me know of dates in writing – tickets to SA; aprox times here etc. Love, Angie Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2014 10:14:26 +0000 To: angela_lownie@hotmail.com

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