South African Odyssey

Issues with internet -so writing on ‘paper’.  Have to catch up with blogs somehow.

Other issues like so many things happening that I want to write about…

First  period in Jhb – my birthday just what I had asked for…  Completely in love with my grandchildren.  Thrilled with subtle changes in my children – apparently accountable to the self-knowledge courses they have been doing…Joyspring.

Then to Cape Town.  Tamsin did us proud, trips to Kalk Bay for wonderful food and drink and ambience deluxe!  Views so wonderful.  Times with old friends – getting older – wonder how we appear to them?  But always that sense of ‘home’ in CT.  Wonder what it is?  My father was born there I suppose.  Alan and I married there.  Also sadness at gaps in my circle there – those now looking at me from above and those who I didn’t see.  Thank you Tamsin for organising the boerrie roll ‘at home’!

I have pictures I wanted to put in here but having media issues so you will have to go to the picasa links…

Next picture was to be of the colourful trains en route to Fishoek… all a bit worn inside but fares are now being assiduously collected.  Perhaps more money will be invested in refurbishing.

Another pilgrimage was to Muratie with Tamsin and the Pilgrims (!)  The same cobwebs that were there when we took the twins aged 12 months and Ruth 2 and half!!

A thread through this trip so far has been acquisition of stock – all enhanced by a positive exchange rate, our own sense of greater discrimination – having to stick within parameters of size and weight and value.  So Milnerton market was good to us.  St Lukes in Fishoek, the Hospice shops in Jhb and the Melville charity shops…

Then back to Jhb for Easter, sense of settling into the household there and children getting accustomed to us and us to them and confidence about looking after them and indeed wanting to spend one on one time with them and enjoying it a bit more each time. All getting to understand and love each other more all the time.  This rich contact mitigates the distance we have to live with the rest of the time.  More wonderful food opportunities – Easter Saturday feast at home and feasting at Moyo’s for lunch on Sunday after the Easter Sunday Mass we women all attended.

Now in Eshowe having spent a glorious 2 nights at Amatigulu nature reserve in the safari tents there.  All a little run down, but paradise… quiet, only bird calls and the surf unless the wind is cruel and brings highway sounds over the rolling hills to us.  Time with the ‘baby’ of the family and her partner was wonderful to see how their relationship has warmed and grown and she has grown into herself as a confident mature woman.  Now in bed in front of Super 14 Rugby suffering from chills, coughs, congestion and colly wobbles in the tummy!  It will soon pass.

Another ‘at home’ in Johannesburg – thanks Kirsten – and all those who came over… pics to be uploaded soon into picasa.  Wonderful to touch base with all of you, sorry about those who couldn’t be there but we will catch up another time.  Other sadness is the passing of Miss May in Cape Town – her funeral will be taking place while we are at Cintsa at Mt Fletcher.  She was part of our lives in Umtata and Cape Town from 1979.  We had our ups and downs but she was a loyal friend and great teacher for me in the days when I had to find out how to stretch the rands and cents!  And when it came to organising the children and many things to do with the house and garden.  Too many gaps opening up.

15th April – that was then and now is at Cintsa in the E Cape and another pilgrimage, this time to Anne Price’s grave.  She is buried above the little swimming pool built for her by her loving Lee and where she used to swim with her children and grandchildren.  I have been having ‘conversations’ with her about the wonderful job she and Lee did in establishing this place… Buccaneers Retreat  Her children Sal and Sean and their partners are continuing the good work, integrating with the community and providing a haven for the weary and elderly as well as the young and vibrant.  A Backpackers with a difference, near a glorious beach with all the facilities anyone could wish for.  The website says it all.

Ruth Al and I are gathering strength and rest before the next leg of our odyssey back to KZN – a day in Durban and then to the family gathering at Glenmore… and then back to Australia and Bella and our usual/unusual life.  It will not be easy to leave this vibrant growing country which claims much of my heart and soul.


About retrocentricaussie

We are a pair of ageing 'gypsies' who find junk and sell antiques, especially objects from the art nouveau/art deco years and old and well-loved tools. We also occasionally buy antiques as well!! We haunt clearance sales, garage sales, charity shops and sometimes dumps. Lately we have even been to a 'proper' auction. The thrill is in the chase for good stuff at prices we can afford and still sell the items on at a profit sufficient to support us. We recycle what other people don't want anymore, we find new homes for nice things. We sell at markets and antique fairs, swap meets and wherever else we can find. Our clientele are mostly ordinary people who want something they can afford that will enhance their quality of life. We are especially pleased when generation Y buy from us. It suggests that appreciation of quality and good design is still part of our modern aesthetic.
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