Rainy Days on Walkabout 4 – The Lamb and Potato Festival


Here we are at Guyra.  Cosy in the caravan while the area around us turns into a swamp.  We are in a beautiful rest area next to the Mother of Ducks Lagoon.  The rain started last night and for once the weather bureau got it depressingly right.  While we set up our stall in the Historic Engines Swap Meet (part of the L and P Festival) on Thursday afternoon, it started to rain and it was not long before one end of the stall was ankle deep in water.  In the path of the runoff from the road!  Oops.

We decided to persevere in case it cleared which it did.  Friday was a lovely day and we made good sales to pleasant customers.  Saturday was not as good.  Lots of gentle drizzle, the linen and toys displayed outside the gazebos did some moving in and out!  In addition there was no sunshine and the red gazebos completely distorted the colours of a number of the items especially the jewellery.  No help to potential customers who had to take items into better light – it worked well though in that some bought them after they saw how lovely they were in good light!  Nevertheless it felt like a pretty poor day and we packed up with me in a grumpy mood.  Not really like me but a couple of customers had truly annoyed me and for once it got to me.  An example, swanning in displaying lots of expensive jewellery, fingers into everything, deprecating comments in the vein of I have a few of those, never liked them much, when asked if they need assistance – Oh no I have no intention of buying anything, I have far too much already.  My thoughts – then why are you here taking up the space that buying customers could use? and so on…teeth grinding…)  Hope I can continue to keep it in my thoughts and the smile on my face –  you are welcome to look…

Then the one who unfolded a longish crocheted table runner, it was clearly labelled and described in its folded state, pulled a little expression of rejection and dropped it back into the basket unfolded of course!  That tipped me  – I had to go away for a bit!  There just seemed to be too many like that yesterday.  I was so grateful when Alan pointed out the weather forecast to me and I willingly agreed to pack up asap.  I must have been in a bad way – Alan often uses expletives when packing up and I just put up with it – his way of showing frustration when things don’t fall into place as he wants them to and he does bear the brunt of the heavy work at this time… but this time I let rip with a few choice expressions of my own telling him to zip his lip or words to that effect … The irony did not escape me but I was too cranky to admit it!  Oh dear perhaps one has to have times when the romance of the road will wear a little thin.

There were a few upsides to the whole thing though.  The Lamb and Potato festival itself is a jolly occasion, a line up on the main road of stalls selling everything from dinky little speakers for iPods to wonderful heat pads for sore bodies.  Then there is the food; everything you can think of that incorporates lamb and or potatoes – and the big tent where there was non-stop country and I suppose some western live music being played – even a group of older ladies doing some skilful toe-tapping line dancing.  Energetic and engaging it was too.  Our neighbours at the market were a lovely couple Adrienne and Brian – thank you for your good humour and philosophical attitude, and then Mal and Laurain Leyland (yes he was a Leyland Brother for those Aussies who would remember their show) who sold wonderful coffee and cake and vegies, all organic and delicious.  And provided good humour and wonderful stories.  We finished up at the Bowling Club – thanks Bowlo for a very good meal – standard Australian country fare but beautifully cooked and presented and reasonably priced.

The photos in the link had to be taken on my phone and so are a bit disappointing.  My camera didn’t charge – we are a bit technologically challenged at the moment in that way.  We plan to go to the caravan park tomorrow and will charge everything up… Resting today – Al had a bit of a fall last night before we left to walk to the Bowlo and ricked his knee, best if he doesn’t use it today.  The third person in the family – Bella – has been wonderfully well-behaved although she has been confined for most of the last 4 days.  We had to park the caravan next to the main road at a little distance from our trading site and she couldn’t help barking at everything that drove past – lots of vehicles… so she had to be inside.  That business of parking the caravan got us into an interesting bit of local politics – involving the Shire Council, the Festival organisers and the Historic Machinery people.  All about Territory, Power and Control.  Felt pretty good to be able to say to them all – sort yourselves out just tell us what to do and if we don’t like it we will move away!  The Machinery people were our first port and they did a good job of seeing us as right as they could but it was not a good feel to have to move and get bogged in the first position and then to have to move the caravan.  I won’t go into detail, too boring, but they put us into a site where when Alan tried to straighten up the caravan and Sprinter he got bogged in the soft damp earth… That spot is probably a raging torrent today and we are grateful to be comfortable and dry, except when we go to the loo, and to have money to put in the bank on Tuesday.  Tomorrow is the Australia Day public holiday.


About retrocentricaussie

We are a pair of ageing 'gypsies' who find junk and sell antiques, especially objects from the art nouveau/art deco years and old and well-loved tools. We also occasionally buy antiques as well!! We haunt clearance sales, garage sales, charity shops and sometimes dumps. Lately we have even been to a 'proper' auction. The thrill is in the chase for good stuff at prices we can afford and still sell the items on at a profit sufficient to support us. We recycle what other people don't want anymore, we find new homes for nice things. We sell at markets and antique fairs, swap meets and wherever else we can find. Our clientele are mostly ordinary people who want something they can afford that will enhance their quality of life. We are especially pleased when generation Y buy from us. It suggests that appreciation of quality and good design is still part of our modern aesthetic.
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