Walkabout 3 – Fearsome roads and Frolics

Walkabout 3fearsome roads and frolics

This post is going to be briefer than the last – when two people whose judgement I trust suggest that less length and more pithy detail would be a good thing, I take notice…

In the picasa link …


there are pictures taken at Allora – where we relaxed, played with the dog and wound down from the Glen Innes market.  We slept there two nights and truly tested the shower – feels good to feel that self-sufficient.  The big log and the memorial to Eric Ireland are such important testimonies to the ingenuity and community dedication that are characteristics that I would like to believe are what make Australians what they would like to imagine that they are as a nation.   I dread to discover that the park was opened and that Indigenous people were barred from the opening and were not supposed to use the park either.  I hope that will not happen  but in Lismore on Saturday afternoon I discovered that the Aboriginal people of the area had been barred from the local hospital.  There was a lot of local history told and depicted along the river in Lismore and it told the story without holding back.  This link to a story in the Echonews tells a bit of a story which also involves Uncle Lyle Roberts Snr http://www.echonews.com.au/news/a-rainforest-won-by-the-people-for-the-people/1586193/.  There is a picture of his story in the picasa page as well but there is obviously lots more to be told and learnt about this wonderful pioneer of reconciliation between his people and the invaders and rapists of their country. 

Probably sound a bit strong to some of my readers but we white colonisers have much to be sorry about the deeds perpetrated by our forbears. 

Change of tack to some more detail… we had 3 accidents with our food cupboard.  It is situated above the frig and is secured by a small brass bolt. When we arrived at the Kyogle showgrounds after the Woodenbong road we discovered the cupboard contents on the floor of the caravan coated with sweet chili sauce mixed with a few spoons of coffee.  Oops someone didn’t bolt the door.  No expletives allowed – I cleaned it up. Then we arrived at the Lismore showgrounds and this time the coffee bottle was broken.  who was responsible this time… well we didn’t know and have assumed that the nature of the road rattled it loose.  So all clean again off we went after Alan had fitted a small hasp and staple and found a lock in his kit.  On the way to Grafton I had a terrible presentiment – I didn’t remember locking the cupboard and asked Alan to check… indeed I had not locked it and my red wine was all over everything on the floor and the bottle was shattered – so glass everywhere.  We were exhausted… what a disaster … and what a test of our tempers.  We were exemplary and again hardly swore.

One small detail I neglected was that we set out for an auction at Stoney Chute Road near Nimbin after Toowoomba and Kyogle – a farm clearance.  We have found stuff at these auctions before but this one was not appealing to us.  it was as if a front end loader had scooped all the detritus after the owners of the farm had finished moving their possessions and distributed it roughly through the closer paddocks.  All complete junk with a couple of minor exceptions.  the auction was all about the animals and the machinery.  So we didn’t spend long there and headed for Lismore showgrounds where we spent 2 very pleasant nights.  Pretty basic but quiet and again under cover so Al was able to do all his cleaning and sorting of his new stock.  Will Thomas, a friend from Al Khoudh joined us there and at the Workies on Saturday evening.   I have been trying to get the videos loaded up to YouTube but they take up too much internet space – so waiting for another opportunity! the best thing about the evening was the music after our dinner – Chris Cook and his Band entertained with country music – beautifully performed and then the dancing was also superb,  the members provided the floorshow and I was reminded of my parents and their pleasure in dancing and practising their different moves, not that they pulled of some of what we saw that night.  There was a very elderly couple who were light on their feet and joyous in their demeanour.  Wonderful stuff! and then the couple who projected energy and skill that should have won them awards…  

The Lismore Car Boot Sales celebrated their 25th  anniversary with the attendance of the mayor  (pronounced mare)  if you are Australian.  Was a pretty good market and Al sold a lot of his ‘new’ stuff.  Overnight after a shower in a truck stop similar to the one in the pictures at Warwick but this one at Grafton and cost $2.00,  and a sleep in a rest area with 5 other caravans and a utility (bakkie) parked in front of us with a malamute chained to its axle!  We proceeded to Arrawarra – the place of our hearts and dreams… last pic on the page is of Alan and Bella on the beach there. 

Now we are comfortably parked in the grounds of Kirkcaldy and are privileged to be spending some time with my niece and her husband and two delightful little boys and stepdaughter.  The baby is just 6 months old and so like his mother at the same age.  We are enjoying having the opportunity to kiss and cuddle the little guys.  Getting in some practice before our trip to South Africa although those are bigger children not so prone to wanting to be kissed and cuddled.  Such a small window of opportunity.

I have just spent ages trying to get some sort of map made to show where we are and have been but I am afraid I will have to recommend that for now you google map it for  yourselves (I have washing to hang up… ).  We started at Moonee Beach and went to Evans Head –  from there to Lismore. Then Alstonville and Ballina Then to  Tenterfield and on to Inverell and Glen Innes then north to Allora and Warwick and Toowoomba.  Then south again to Kyogle, Stoney Chute Road,  and Lismore.  Then south on the Pacific Highway through Grafton  and back to Moonee beach and Kirckaldy.



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  1. If you have Windows Live Movie Maker (which is free to download) put your video into that and export it onto your computer and then upload it to YouTube. It will reduce the size so my super computer savvy 14 year old tells me.
    Allison Creed.

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