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Rainy Days on Walkabout 4 – The Lamb and Potato Festival Here we are at Guyra.  Cosy in the caravan while the area around us turns into a swamp.  We are in a beautiful rest area next to the Mother of Ducks Lagoon.  The rain started last night and for … Continue reading

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Walkabout 3 – Fearsome roads and Frolics

Walkabout 3 – fearsome roads and frolics This post is going to be briefer than the last – when two people whose judgement I trust suggest that less length and more pithy detail would be a good thing, I take … Continue reading

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Walkabout 2 Alstonville to Glen Innes and bowling club badges

Those of you are map savvy might wonder why we did so little in so long!  If you consult the map and look at the distances travelled… Well I read the maps and between not accurate maps and my map-reading … Continue reading

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Walkabout One

Alstonville ( is a quiet spot with a showground camping area that is both dog friendly and electrically powered.  Unfortunately we haven’t got our power in the ‘van going yet, but at least have been able to power computers and … Continue reading

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Thanking God for friends who make a difference

Losing a friend is a bit like losing a parent when they have been your friend for most of your life.  And how are friendships sustained across the world… why are they sustained? What keeps the links and ties in … Continue reading